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Release-WFREVACT-v1_03_09/ 3907 (15 years ago) by nvankampenhout: (WFREVACT-3) tag Reviewed Actions workflow version 1.03.09
cms-wofklow-1.02.04/ 4174 (15 years ago) by jstuyts: [CMS-668] Released cms-workflow with improvement of handling collections for form data by available actions generator.
Release-WFREVACT-v1_04_00b01/ 4910 (14 years ago) by nvankampenhout: WFREVACT-6: tag beta 01
Release-WFREVACT-v1_04_00/ 4947 (14 years ago) by nvankampenhout: WFREVACT-6: release version 1.04.00 of reviewed actions workflow
Release-WFREVACT-v1_04_01/ 5053 (14 years ago) by abogaart: (WFREVACT-8) Release version 1.04.01 of reviewed actions workflow
Release-WFREVACT-v1_04_02/ 5446 (14 years ago) by nvankampenhout: WFREVACT-12: tag
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