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JMSBRIDGE-20: Prepare for release.

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1 Purpose:
3 The purpose of this module is to resolve certain issues related to JMS
4 messaging. This module provides a transparent layer over a regular JMS system
6 This this moment the following facilities are delivered by this layer:
8 - Force the use of durable topic subscriptions, when only a regular
9 subscription was requested.
10 - Automatic reconnect when a session or connection becomes unavailable, while
11 keeping the connection/session object the same for the application container.
12 - Asynchronous message receival when setMessageListener is not available
13 (e.g. in an application container).
15 How to use:
17 - Replace the initial context factory, which is normally assigned to the initial
18 context factory of your JMS provider to the context provider
20 As a deliberate choice, when the initial connection is being made, the JMS
21 provider has to be available. Connection errors during this stage are given
22 back to the application and no attempt is made to wait for the JMS provider to
23 become available. This in order to give direct feedback on the
24 appropriateness and actual availability of connections, topics, etcetera.
26 If you want the default InitialContext then set the secondary context to the
27 empty string or a hyphen ("-"). For use within WebSphere where you want to
28 use MQ you can also try setting the secondary to:


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