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Comparing hippo-fortress/trunk/server/src/bin/libwrapper.jnilib (file contents):
Revision 1867 by bvdschans, Tue Dec 20 10:59:02 2005 UTC vs.
Revision 1868 by asavory, Tue Apr 18 12:29:02 2006 UTC

1dH__TEXT__text__TEXT__picsymbol_stub__TEXT $__picsymbolstub1__TEXT   __cstring__TEXT@H__DATA__data__DATA __dyld__DATA  __la_symbol_ptr__DATA(__nl_symbol_ptr__DATAll"  1; P9 H__TEXT __text__TEXT $__picsymbol_stub__TEXT$__picsymbolstub1__TEXT __cstring__TEXT`__DATA  __data__DATA  __dyld__DATA  __la_symbol_ptr__DATA __nl_symbol_ptr__DATA p p(__bss__DATA x !<8`Ȼ|H|B8`!<8`̻|H`|B/!<_B Ԑ
2N |B}h|=kk 2H8`H q<8`8xH <<_|b hN Hl|B!<_B P
3}iN |a̐B!p<_|~x8 X|+x; }N!|vyA~<<8 8 x~ijx}N!|uyAtH|xxHm|wx>c H9D|dxx}N!~|yxwH|fx8$x}xN!^wH遚D|dxx}N!|zxwHŁ|fx8}DxxN!~wHD|dxx}N!|{xwHu|fx8}dxxN!w HID|dxx}N!||xw H%|fxx}x8 N!~8(x~xxIxjxx~ijx~x}N!,|yxA/@( W:~ .|#x,=|dx8h,H!!,< 3HE8`HH?~ 8H/@0HI|dx<8c
48`CN |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|d}N |B}h=k|H}N |B}h=k|,}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|h}N |B}h=k|L}N |B}h=k|0}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N org/tanukisoftware/wrapper/WrapperUNIXUser 4H 8!P8`|H8!|N |B!<_B 
5LH8!P8`|H88!|N |AB|~x|+x!pC
6 | x| N!|uyÀ^<<8
8Tx~x| x| N!|syAH|wxHa|vxcV H̀D|dxx| x| N!|xxxH|fxx8| x| xxN!vHqD|dxx| x| N!|yxxHE|fxx8$x| x| xN!vHD|dxx| x| N!|zxxH|fxx8| x| DxxN!v HD|dxx| x| N! |{xxH|fxx| x| xdx8N!^a8)x~ex~xxJxx~x~Gx| x| N!/|yxAԀ^
10p| x| N!|xyA~CxH||yA|\HрD|dxx| x| N!|{xxH|fxx| x| xdx8N!^xFxxgxx$x| x| N!^<~x8
12px| x| N!|xyAHH;H5/A}/@H|\HD|dxx| x| N!|{xxH|fxx| x| xdx8N!^Fxgxxx$xx| x| N!H||yA KXHH; 8!#xA|N |B||x|#x|+x!<xx|K8!|N 8`!H8!c|H|B}H|<J/=*
138@N |B|H|=9؁/@!|> x|_xlptx|>^~h<_|}N ||dxB8_!p8a
14j;xHM,@|}xxHuH8!|N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|p}N |B}h=k|T}N |B}h=k|8}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|}N |B}h=k|t}N |B}h=k|X}N |B}h=k|<}N |B}h=k| }N |B}h=k|}N Inside native WrapperManager initialization method
5Unable to send SIGQUIT to JVM process: %s 15Unable to send SIGQUIT to JVM process: %s
6Setting the console title not supported on UNIX platforms.DISPLAY3.1.2 T@ @@@`@\@X@T@P@L@H@D@@@<@8@4@0@,@(@h@d@dƀ؀)8Z|$D DDDD D  D 16Setting the console title not supported on UNIX<init>(II[B[B[B[B)VsetGroup(I[B)VaddGroupDISPLAY3.2.0printf$LDBL128libSystem.   @ @ T@ P@ L@ H@ D@ @@ <@ 8@ 4@ 0@ ,@ (@ $@ @ \@ X@ l@ h@ d@ `@d )Kep$DDDDD  D 
7$D (D ,D 0D4D8$8D<D@DDDH$DLDPDTDXdX8  H T X  17D
8TM 18 D  D   $D %D&D'$=D>D?D@DA ZD[D \D]D^d_ q xmD_HH  F2 duTH " 7O Z
9X  T nH] u &08@ 19c__TEXT__text__TEXT__textcoal_nt__TEXT __DATA__data__DATA__dyld__DATA__IMPORT  __jump_table__IMPORT  XL$U$EċM9E0|$1уL$ D$UĉT$M $@E0Uz1уL$U$EȋMyE0|$1уL$ D$UȉT$M $@E0Uz1уL$U$E̋MyE0|$1уL$ D$ỦT$M $@E0Uz 1уL$U$ƋMy EE|$1уL$ D$t$U$M@Ut$ M̉L$UȉT$MĉL$UT$ML$ UT$ML$U$PpEЀ}MED$ D$ML$E$EU$"E‹HME0:1уL$U$ƋM9EE|$1уL$ D$t$U$M@Ut$ML$ UT$MЉL$U$MED$ D$ML$E$E|TEԅx TtMD$$MuEԋ@E؋UUMԋ91уL$U$ME܋Eԋ8UU|$уL$ D$U܉T$M $E@UM܉L$U؉T$ ML$UЉT$M $EwEUWVS,,EE} u$At‰E} EE,[^_]
21E []U}ǁt
23]Inside native WrapperManager initialization methodSending SIGQUIT event to process group %d.
24Unable to send SIGQUIT to JVM process: %s
25Setting the console title not supported on UNIX[B[B[B[B)V<init>(I[B)VsetGroupaddGroupDISPLAY3.2.0$Ë $dabcdefjklmnfw   |g) !

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