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2 Naming of this project
3 ______________________
5 The name of this project had been hst_docs, because it were docs created
6 with the HST. Before, docs were created with xdoc.
8 The hst_docs name was not clear and is replaced by 'docsite', but not
9 at places where this was not possible without a deploy of the content.
10 So the namespace is still hst_docs and also some filenames mentioned
11 in hippoecm-extension.xml.
13 Import modules
14 ______________
16 The import module 'import' uses the import tool of Marijan and was
17 used for importing from xdoc documentation. The import modules
18 'import-files' and 'import-gallery' used the importer from the CMS
19 itself. I had configured it before that of Marijan was made, but have
20 used the import-files module also after that to import the javadocs.
21 However, after the upgrade to 2.12.07 the importer from the CMS project
22 is not available anymore.
24 Doxyfile
25 ________
27 Doxyfile is a configuration file for doxygen. This creates a class
28 browser like Javadocs, but with automatically made diagrams in it. Just
29 run 'doxygen' in the root folder of the project (Where the Doxyfile is).
32 Scripts
33 ________
34 I created some scripts for making a release, for removing superfluous
35 namespace declarations from an XML export and adding newlines for
36 readability of such files. Also for changing text to pre, text to
37 a CMS XML document and Wiki page to a CMS XML document
38 (any2CMS filename).


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