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Revision: 52508
Committed: Wed Mar 25 13:21:35 2015 UTC (7 years, 3 months ago) by mdenburger
File size: 281 byte(s)
Log Message:
CMS7-8756: add all available ParametersInfo annotations to the ListView component

Used for restyling of the component properties dialog in the channel manager.

File Contents

# Content
1 group.layout=Layout
2 group.docLink=Example Document Link
3 scope=Scope
4 title=The title of the page
5 cssClass=Css Class
6 bgColor=Background Color
7 boolean=Example boolean value
8 integer=Example integer value
9 date=Example date field with a very long name
10 docLink=Example document link field


Name Value
svn:eol-style native
svn:keywords Id