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Comparing hippo-demos/restyling/trunk/site/src/main/resources/org/onehippo/restyling/demo/componentsinfo/ (file contents):
Revision 52507 by mdenburger, Wed Oct 15 14:50:55 2014 UTC vs.
Revision 52508 by mdenburger, Wed Mar 25 13:21:35 2015 UTC

1group.layout=Layout 1group.layout=Layout
2group.docLink=Example Document Link
2scope=Scope 3scope=Scope
3title=The title of the page 4title=The title of the page
4cssClass=Css Class 5cssClass=Css Class
5bgColor=Background Color 6bgColor=Background Color
7boolean=Example boolean value
8integer=Example integer value
9date=Example date field with a very long name
10docLink=Example document link field

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