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META-INF/ 37846 (9 years ago) by mdenburger: CMS7-6812: corrected license headers
WEB-INF/ 47715 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: GOGREEN-1303 remove the suffix/prefix exclusions from hst:virtualhosts. As a temporay fix until HSTTWO-3149 has been fixed, I add the suffix/prefix exclusions to the hst config properties
css/ 45186 (7 years ago) by abogaart: GOGREEN-1234: Restbrowser does not show optional attributes / required parameters anymore - redesigned REST page form - no more re-use of FAQ styling
images/ 44587 (7 years ago) by mdenburger: GOGREEN-1251: remove the help ribbon images
js/ 45175 (7 years ago) by llemos: GOGREEN-1234: Reversed the last fixed that caused GOGREEN-1261 and made another fix to the Rest browser.
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