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1.01.01-SNAPSHOT-r24351/ 24362 (11 years ago) by nvankampenhout: GOGREEN-34 snapshot tag
1.01.01-SNAPSHOT-r24365/ 24366 (11 years ago) by nvankampenhout: GOGREEN-34 snapshot tag
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_00/ 24229 (11 years ago) by nvankampenhout: GOGREEN-49: copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_00
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_01/ 24372 (11 years ago) by nvankampenhout: GOGREEN-82: copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_01
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_02/ 24507 (11 years ago) by ksalic: GOGREEN-92: copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_02
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_03/ 24512 (11 years ago) by ksalic: GOGREEN-92: copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_03
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_04/ 24596 (11 years ago) by boudekerk: GOGREEN-102: copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_04
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_05/ 24649 (11 years ago) by mtricot: GOGREEN-107 copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_05
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_06/ 24685 (11 years ago) by acahn: GOGREEN-114 Remove "bla" and "\" from the homepage
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_07/ 24744 (11 years ago) by ksalic: GOGREEN-124 copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_07
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_08/ 25460 (11 years ago) by nduvvuri: GOGREEN-126 copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_08
Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_09/ 25466 (11 years ago) by nduvvuri: GOGREEN-164 copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v1_01_09
Release-GOGREEN-v3_01_01/ 26052 (11 years ago) by boudekerk: GOGREEN-227: remove accidental trunk
Release-GOGREEN-v3_01_02/ 26056 (11 years ago) by boudekerk: GOGREEN-227 copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v3_01_02
Release-GOGREEN-v3_01_03/ 26121 (11 years ago) by wbarthet: GOGREEN-227 copy for tag Release-GOGREEN-v3_01_03
hippogogreen-3.01.04/ 26456 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-333 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.01.04
hippogogreen-3.01.05/ 26703 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-363: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.01.05
hippogogreen-3.01.06/ 27211 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-451:prepare release hippogogreen-3.01.xx
hippogogreen-3.01.07/ 27273 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-458: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.01.07
hippogogreen-3.02.00/ 27615 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-484: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.02.00
hippogogreen-3.02.01/ 27906 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: CMS7-5181: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.02.01
hippogogreen-3.03.00/ 28471 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-585:prepare release hippogogreen-3.03.xx
hippogogreen-3.03.01/ 28486 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-585: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.03.01
hippogogreen-3.03.02/ 28520 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-593: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.03.02
hippogogreen-3.03.03/ 28560 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-599: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.03.03
hippogogreen-3.03.04/ 29945 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-668: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.03.04
hippogogreen-3.03.05/ 31281 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-771 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.03.05
hippogogreen-3.04.00/ 28427 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-581: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.00
hippogogreen-3.04.01/ 28908 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-615: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.01
hippogogreen-3.04.02-alpha/ 30078 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-678: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.02-alpha
hippogogreen-3.04.03-alpha/ 30490 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-697: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.03-alpha
hippogogreen-3.04.04-alpha/ 30738 (10 years ago) by uhommes: GOGREEN-704: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.04-alpha
hippogogreen-3.04.05-alpha/ 30934 (10 years ago) by uhommes: GOGREEN-736: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.05-alpha
hippogogreen-3.04.07-alpha/ 31538 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-790: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.04.07-alpha
hippogogreen-3.05.00/ 32194 (10 years ago) by mdenburger: GOGREEN-862: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.00
hippogogreen-3.05.01/ 32738 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-887: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.01
hippogogreen-3.05.02/ 32802 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-889: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.02
hippogogreen-3.05.03/ 33927 (10 years ago) by wbarthet: GOGREEN-932 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.03
hippogogreen-3.05.04/ 34150 (10 years ago) by wbarthet: GOGREEN-949: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.04
hippogogreen-3.05.05/ 34189 (10 years ago) by jbloemendal: GOGREEN-953 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.05
hippogogreen-3.05.06/ 34780 (10 years ago) by wbarthet: GOGREEN-961 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.06
hippogogreen-3.05.07/ 36541 (9 years ago) by mnour: GOGREEN-1021 - copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.07
hippogogreen-3.05.08/ 36646 (9 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-1034: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.05.08
hippogogreen-3.06.00-alpha/ 32699 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-886: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.06.00-alpha
hippogogreen-3.06.01-alpha/ 33091 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-906: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.06.01-alpha
hippogogreen-3.06.02-alpha/ 35375 (10 years ago) by mnour: GOGREEN-992 - copy for tag hippogogreen-3.06.02-alpha
hippogogreen-3.07.00/ 37138 (9 years ago) by fvlankvelt: GOGREEN-1065: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.00
hippogogreen-3.07.01/ 37502 (9 years ago) by uhommes: GOGREEN-1079 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.01
hippogogreen-3.07.02/ 38608 (9 years ago) by fvlankvelt: CMS7-6961: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.02
hippogogreen-3.07.03/ 39489 (9 years ago) by mdenburger: GOGREEN-1138: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.03
hippogogreen-3.07.04/ 39503 (9 years ago) by mdenburger: GOGREEN-1139: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.04
hippogogreen-3.07.05/ 39633 (9 years ago) by jsheriff: 'GOGREEN-1142' copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.05
hippogogreen-3.07.06/ 40419 (9 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1162 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.06
hippogogreen-3.07.07/ 41171 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1169: Retag - copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.07
hippogogreen-3.07.08/ 41902 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: CMS7-7509: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.08
hippogogreen-3.07.09/ 42342 (8 years ago) by jhoffman: GOGREEN-1199: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.09
hippogogreen-3.07.10/ 42685 (8 years ago) by jbloemendal: GOGREEN-1223 copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.10
hippogogreen-3.07.11/ 42715 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1224: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.11
hippogogreen-3.07.12/ 44251 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1242: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.07.12
hippogogreen-3.08.00-iteration-3/ 41241 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.00-iteration-3
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-10/ 43323 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-10
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-11/ 43455 (8 years ago) by mdenburger: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-11
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-12/ 43726 (8 years ago) by abanck: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-12
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-13/ 44073 (8 years ago) by mdenburger: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-13
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-14/ 44381 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-14
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-4/ 41479 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-4
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-7/ 42160 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-7
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-8/ 42544 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-8
hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-9/ 42799 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.08.01-iteration-9
hippogogreen-3.09.00/ 44581 (8 years ago) by abanck: GOGREEN-1252 - Manual update of the dependency versions
hippogogreen-3.09.00-alpha-1/ 42407 (8 years ago) by mdenburger: "GOGREEN-1209: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.00-alpha-1
hippogogreen-3.09.01/ 44596 (8 years ago) by mdenburger: GOGREEN-1252: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.01
hippogogreen-3.09.02/ 45608 (8 years ago) by mdenburger: GOGREEN-1268: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.02
hippogogreen-3.09.02-iteration-78/ 44735 (8 years ago) by abanck: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.02-iteration-78
hippogogreen-3.09.02-iteration-79/ 44922 (8 years ago) by abanck: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.02-iteration-79
hippogogreen-3.09.02-iteration-80/ 45090 (8 years ago) by abanck: "GOGREEN-34: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.02-iteration-80
hippogogreen-3.09.03/ 46170 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1272: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.03
hippogogreen-3.09.04/ 46304 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1276: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.04
hippogogreen-3.09.05/ 47154 (7 years ago) by jsheriff: GOGREEN-1293: copy for tag hippogogreen-3.09.05
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