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src/ 21455 (12 years ago) by wko: COLLAB-63: Displaying page info inside wiki portlet
war/ 22213 (11 years ago) by wko: COLLAB-2: Upgrading hst version and yui source version. TODO: Ask Frank to update the cms editor wicket stuff to be compliant to the recent hippo-ecm api. Because the current implementations are not compliant to the newest version of hippo ecm api, hippo ecm version is not upgraded.
jetspeed-mvn-wiki-pom.xml 20301 (12 years ago) by wko: COLLAB-2: applying infuse and expand options during PAs deployment for faster initialization
pom.xml 21431 (12 years ago) by wko: COLLAB-61: commenting out gwt dependencies, gwt maven plugin and portlet def of a gwt-based app because gwt had a significant build problem with JDK 1.6.
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