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ftl/ 44772 (8 years ago) by wko: HSTTWO-2941: adding an example using MessagesReplace JSTL tag
jsp/ 47875 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: HSTTWO-3161 correct inception year
logs/ 35423 (9 years ago) by svoortman: HSTTWO-2231: split out dependencies, components & resources from cms & site wars The cms and site wars are now reduced to simple compositions of other artifacts, making it straightforward to repackage them in extension projects.
springapp/ 40205 (8 years ago) by aschrijvers: HSTTWO-1003 : correct inception years
applicationContext.xml 46534 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: HSTTWO-3081 have the spring bean bridge example contact bean loaded from the HST spring component manager instead of from the root web application context
beans-annotated-classes.xml 37837 (9 years ago) by mdenburger: CMS7-6812: corrected license headers 46469 (7 years ago) by wko: HSTTWO-3074: ignoring (with warning log) local url esi includes on navigational urls, in order not to have the page rendered multiple times.
springapp-servlet.xml 47088 (7 years ago) by wko: HSTTWO-3119: adding test case for delegatee bean from a dispatcher servlet initialized application context
web.xml 47695 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: HSTTWO-3145 account for init params for exclusions not being used any more
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