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hippo-cms7-release-10.0.x/ 57312 (6 years ago) by abogaart: CHANNELMGR-367: Bump version of addon-channel-manager to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT
hippo-cms7-release-10.1.x/ 58388 (6 years ago) by jsheriff: CMS-9886: Updating to latest snapshot
hippo-cms7-release-10.2.x/ 58533 (6 years ago) by abanck: CMS-9907: prepare for next development iteration
hippo-cms7-release-7.5.xx/ 31067 (10 years ago) by uhommes: CMS7-4872 make sure publication-workflow is released as part of next maintainance release
hippo-cms7-release-7.6.xx/ 46722 (7 years ago) by abanck: CMS7-16: Revert to last public deploy of the HST artifacts
hippo-cms7-release-7.7.xx/ 46139 (8 years ago) by bleunis: CMS7-8239 upgrade cms version
hippo-cms7-release-7.8.xx/ 58409 (6 years ago) by jsheriff: CMS-9888: Updating to latest snapshot
hippo-cms7-release-7.9.xx/ 58403 (6 years ago) by jsheriff: CMS-9887: prepare for next development iteration
hippo-cms7-release-7.9.xx-hdc-logging/ 58342 (6 years ago) by wko: CMS-9904: prepare for next development iteration
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