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hippo-plugin-poll-2.0.x/ 56460 (4 years ago) by jhoffman: HIPPLUG-1083: revert commit r55489. Instead of "hiding unused parameters" the "poll-docsClass" and "poll-pollCompoundName" were reintroduced Also continuing no longer in the 2.0.x branch
poll-2.x-cleanup-HIPPLUG-1083/ 56644 (4 years ago) by jhoffman: HIPPLUG-1083: property is called poll:active, not active
poll-2.x-translations-1/ 57190 (4 years ago) by uhommes: CMS-9761 remove obsolete hippo:translated mixins and properties from bootstrap content
hippo-plugin-poll-2.1.x/ 57673 (4 years ago) by abanck: CMS-9863: Update copyright year to 2016
hippo-plugin-poll-2.2.x/ 58505 (4 years ago) by abanck: CMS-9907: prepare for next development iteration
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