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REPO-118 we don't use jpox anymore

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1 bvdschans 6451 This product includes software developed by:
2     The Apache Software Foundation (
3 acahn 23576 Hippo B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands (
4 bvdschans 6451
5     NOTICE: Only our own original work is licensed under the terms of the Apache
6     License Version 2.0. The licenses of some libraries might impose different
7     redistribution or general licensing terms than those stated in the Apache
8     License. Users and redistributors are hereby requested to verify these
9 wgrevink 12142 conditions and agree upon them.
11     This product uses the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) developed by
12     Yahoo! (
13 bvanhalderen 22134 For more information see addon/yui/yui-licence.txt
15     This product includes the concurrent library by Doug Lea released into the
16     public domain.
17     <URL:>
19     This project includes the library projects pdfbox, jempbox and fontbox
20     originally released under the BSD licence as developed by Ben Litchfield.
21     <URL:>
22     <URL:>
23     <URL:>
24     <URL:>
25     These projects have been moved to the Apache foundation as of newer versions and
26     are now available at <URL:>
28     This product includes software Joda-Time developed by
29     <URL:>
31     This project includes software Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler developed by
32     OpenSymphony released under the Apache 2.0 license.
33     <URL:>
35     This product contains an implementation of javax.imageio.ImageWriter developed by
36     Helma Software ( licensed under the Helma License
37     Version 2.0 (the "License"). You may not use this file except in compliance with
38     the License. A copy of the License is available at
40     This product contains a Java port of a ColorQuantizer implemented by
41     ImageMagick licensed under the ImageMagick License (the "License"). You may not
42     use this file except in compliance with the License. A copy of the License is
43     available at


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