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addon-publication-workflow/ 34174 (8 years ago) by abogaart: CMS7-6028 - Published field in wide document listing is empty when document state is "A previous version is live" - In case of a hippo:handle all variants are visited and either the last one, or the unpublished one is used to retrieve the property values displayed in the DocumentListing. So unless a document only has a published variant, it is not possible to show the publication date using this approach. To fix the issue, I've changed the code so that all variants that come before the last or unpublished one will contribute property values to be used in the DocumentListing. This does introduce some overhead.
addon-project-export/ 26646 (10 years ago) by bvanhalderen: CMS7-4912: update to released version 3 of project parent pom
addon-hst-configuration-editor/ 33891 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: HSTCONFIGEDIT-109: prepare for next development iteration
addon-google-analytics/ 33911 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: CMS7-6031: prepare for next development iteration
addon-faceteddate/ 33882 (8 years ago) by fvlankvelt: CMS7-6031: prepare for next development iteration
addon-defaultcontent/ 34089 (8 years ago) by uhommes: CMS7-5451 provide configurations and profiles for different set ups and scenarios; fix asset actions; don't fail on checked exceptions
addon-channel-manager/ 34082 (8 years ago) by jbloemendal: CMS7-6061 The ajax response object is passed along the error / event handling backport
addon-brokenlinks/ 34009 (8 years ago) by jbloemendal: CMS7-6045 Broken Links Addon Quality Improvements
addon-automatic-export/ 34168 (8 years ago) by bleunis: AUTOEXPORT-25 fresh export of gallery content; remove incorrect entry from hippoecm file
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