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site/ 25325 (12 years ago) by adouma: HREPTWO-4739: copying hippo-ecm project trunk (based) folders to hippo-cms7
releases/ 25395 (12 years ago) by adouma: HREPTWO-4739: move /hippo-cms7/hippoecm/releases/* to /hippo-cms7/releases/ (dropping the empty folder hereafter)
archive/ 34595 (10 years ago) by bvanhalderen: REPO-350: backport
legal-resources/ 43004 (8 years ago) by uhommes: CMS7-7686 update year in copyright statement
sandbox/ 43644 (8 years ago) by adouma: CMS7-7206: moving preliminary and incomplete content api to sandbox for now
commons/ 46811 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: CMS7-8384: prepare for next development iteration
utilities/ 46832 (8 years ago) by jsheriff: CMS7-8387: prepare for next development iteration
testsuite/ 47265 (8 years ago) by aschrijvers: HSTTWO-1003 use session instead of request since stored on session. Thx Bert for spotting
services/ 47333 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: CMS7-16 remove unused cms version
packages/ 47335 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: CMS7-8425 add hippo-services-webresources as runtime dependency to hippo-package-cms-dependencies so it by default gets bundled into end projects (which by defaultinclude the hippo-package-cms-dependencies pom dependency)
archetype/ 47372 (7 years ago) by jsheriff: ARCHE-402 Bumping release version to latest snapshot
archetypes/ 47408 (7 years ago) by aschrijvers: ARCHE-403 better names
jackrabbit-patches/ 47500 (7 years ago) by uhommes: REPO-1157 new tag
release/ 47520 (7 years ago) by jhoffman: CMS7-8531: set forge.content-blocks.version to release 1.11.02
tools/ 47536 (7 years ago) by uhommes: REPO-1146 prepare for next dev iteration
project/ 47545 (7 years ago) by uhommes: RD-2219 permanent generation space is no longer available in java 8
addons/ 47553 (7 years ago) by jdegooijer: CMS7-8484: Style dropdowns to match the input's width
repository/ 47555 (7 years ago) by uhommes: REPO-1 cast to object instead
cms/ 47556 (7 years ago) by mdenburger: CMS7-8417: sort documents and document types by state, do not sort namespaces by state
site-toolkit/ 47558 (7 years ago) by fvlankvelt: HSTTWO-3140: add REST method for locking a component
plugins/ 47561 (7 years ago) by adouma: HIPPLUG-970: initial import of the dashboard-document-wizard standard plugin for CMS 7.10, cloned (unmodified) from the Forge dashboard-document-wizard plugin
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