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Branch-CMS-trunk-r6547/ 11112 (11 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: CMSSIX-133 Add docUri to flow attributes of postprocessXML
Branch-CMS-v6_04_xx/ 13097 (11 years ago) by abogaart: CMSSIX-182: fixed strange space issue
Branch-CMS-v6_05_xx/ 18758 (10 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: CMSSIX-247 Improve Inputstream to outputstream copying with IOUtils.copy. Thanks ddam for contributing.
Branch_v6.02.xx/ 1900 (13 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: undo of commit 1898 (committed by mistake)
Branch_v6.03.xx/ 9421 (12 years ago) by mvos: CMSSIX-70: backport addition of plaintext in form to 6.03.xx
Merge-WarEar-v6.04.00-dev/ 10204 (12 years ago) by mvos: CMSSIX-99: enable custom replacements of any possible error message.
cocoon-2.1.10/ 7277 (12 years ago) by bvanhalderen: CMS-702: changes from Cocoon 2.1.10 branch of the CMS
hippo-cms-war/ 3376 (13 years ago) by asavory: temporary solution to additional editor configs and libs
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