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Added command lines for *nix systems to convert scripts to local encoding.

More information about working with Eclipse.

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# Content
1 Project encoding
2 ================
3 All files of SAnt must be written using UTF-8 encoding. Command/shell scripts
4 (including those from the included Ant distribution) may only use ASCII
5 characters to ensure the UTF-8 encoded scripts are usable without changes on
6 as many systems using a different encoding as possible.
8 Command/shell scripts
9 =====================
10 When the command/shell scripts are not valid in the encoding of the system you
11 are using, you have to convert the command scripts in the following
12 directories to the encoding of your system:
13 - sant/ant/bin
14 - sant/bin
16 You should store the converted scripts in the following directories and set
17 your path to 'local-sant-scripts/bin' instead of 'sant/bin'. SAnt will
18 automatically use the scripts in the directories below when present:
19 - local-sant-scripts/ant/bin
20 - local-sant-script/bin
22 To convert the scripts you can use the following commands from the JDK:
23 - native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 <input file> <output file>
24 - native2ascii -reverse <input file> <output file>
26 Here is the list of commands to execute in 'sant/bin' for Windows systems:
27 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 append-to-classpath.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\append-to-classpath.cmd
28 native2ascii -reverse ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\append-to-classpath.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\append-to-classpath.cmd
29 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 pcmd.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\pcmd.cmd
30 native2ascii -reverse ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\pcmd.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\pcmd.cmd
31 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 sant.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\sant.cmd
32 native2ascii -reverse ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\sant.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\sant.cmd
33 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 santq.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\santq.cmd
34 native2ascii -reverse ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\santq.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\santq.cmd
35 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 sant-admin.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\sant-admin.cmd
36 native2ascii -reverse ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\sant-admin.cmd ..\..\local-sant-scripts\bin\sant-admin.cmd
38 And the list of commands to execute in 'sant/ant/bin' for Windows systems:
39 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 ant.bat ..\..\..\local-sant-scripts\ant\bin\ant.bat
40 native2ascii -reverse ..\..\..\local-sant-scripts\ant\bin\ant.bat ..\..\..\local-sant-scripts\ant\bin\ant.bat
42 Here is the list of commands to execute in 'sant/bin' for *nix systems:
43 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 pcmd ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/pcmd
44 native2ascii -reverse ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/pcmd ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/pcmd
45 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 sant ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/sant
46 native2ascii -reverse ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/sant ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/sant
47 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 santq ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/santq
48 native2ascii -reverse ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/santq ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/santq
49 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 sant-admin ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/sant-admin
50 native2ascii -reverse ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/sant-admin ../../local-sant-scripts/bin/sant-admin
52 And the list of commands to execute in 'sant/ant/bin' for *nix systems:
53 native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 ant ../../../local-sant-scripts/ant/bin/ant
54 native2ascii -reverse ../../../local-sant-scripts/ant/bin/ant ../../../local-sant-scripts/ant/bin/ant
56 Build scripts
57 =============
58 Also make sure that the build scripts read their text resources using UTF-8.
59 You might have to use 'native2ascii' to convert the resource to a correct
60 encoding before you can use it in certain Ant tasks. Store the converted
61 resources in the directory 'target' of the project.
63 Eclipse
64 =======
65 If you add SAnt to your Eclipse workspace, you can set the encoding for all
66 files in the SAnt project in the project properties. The target
67 'set-eclipse-settings' which is present in some projects will do this for you.