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main/ 29605 (10 years ago) by adouma: JCR-25: move all jcr-repo-console modules up to the jcr-console root project - rename jcr-repo-console-* modules to jcr-console (jcr already means 'java content repository', no need to say it twice) - hippo-console sub module is aggregated, but "detached" by using a different/independent parent - rename war module artifact final name to jcr-console to distinguish it from the hippo-console (which was likewise renamed)
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svn:mergeinfo /hippo-cms7/cms/branches/hippo-cms-2.18.xx/hippo-repo-console/src:25589-26171,26224,26239,26256,26452,26504,26526,26573,26778,26782,26913 /hippo-ecm/branches/Branch-HREPTWO-v2_16_xx/hippo-repo-console/src:24637