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hippo-workflows/ 2323 (16 years ago) by nvankampenhout: svn:ignore target and eclipse files
hippo-tools/ 2992 (15 years ago) by bvdschans: - fix HIPMAN-4 add maven.distribution.port option (default 22)
hippo-site-skeleton/ 2920 (15 years ago) by bvdschans: Add startup batch script
hippo-samples/ 2298 (16 years ago) by wgrevink: Init WebDAV Search sample project
hippo-repository/ 2865 (15 years ago) by mpfingsthorn: fixed again?
hippo-fortress/ 2790 (15 years ago) by bvdschans: Fix dependency
hippo-etl/ 2435 (16 years ago) by jstuyts: Fix for encoding of HTTP method to set properties.
hippo-components/ 2439 (16 years ago) by bvdschans: Initial import of server-manager
hippo-cocoon-extensions/ 2878 (15 years ago) by aschrijvers: bumbed version
hippo-cocoon/ 2887 (15 years ago) by aschrijvers: bumbed version
hippo-cms-site-sample/ 2892 (15 years ago) by nvankampenhout: (SITESAMPLE-3) Added Apache license headers.
hippo-cms-core/ 815 (16 years ago) by nvankampenhout: Added target directory to svn:ignore.
hippo-cms/ 3002 (15 years ago) by nvankampenhout: (CMS-506) Doctype declaration before license header.
file-import-service/ 3003 (15 years ago) by jstuyts: Changed to provide default image for (currently) unconvertable StarView metafiles.
experimental/ 2998 (15 years ago) by jstuyts: Disabled checks for uncommitted changes during tagging and publication because modification detection of 'svnant' is severely broken.
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