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attic/ 31453 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: CMSSIX-288: the htmldiff project is in active use by CMS ecm7
experimental/ 38492 (9 years ago) by fvlankvelt: WICKETEXTJS-49: add file to indicate svn folder is no longer open for commits
hippo-cms6/ 37396 (9 years ago) by abogaart: CMSSIX-299: remove accidental copy of branch
hippo-cms7/ 38491 (9 years ago) by uhommes: CMS7-6952 prepare for next development iteration
hippo-components/ 38360 (9 years ago) by jbloemendal: CMS7-6909 Improve HTMLRepairer/HtmlCleaner so that it doesn't throw NullPointerException on an unconfigured element Null-pointer swallowed internally when div cleanup element not configured and warn message logged. Added null check and info logging to inform about missing configuration.
hippo-demos/ 38481 (9 years ago) by svoortman: GOGREEN-1103: Reverted changes made in this issue: russian logout button is not displayed correctly. Reason: This creates more problems than it solves. Reverting to old state before release.
hippo-documentation/ 31445 (10 years ago) by rkauffman: PRODDOCS-96: Changed layout of addons page and forge links on frontpage
hippo-jcr/ 36746 (9 years ago) by adouma: JCR-62 prepare for next development iteration
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