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attic/ 31453 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: CMSSIX-288: the htmldiff project is in active use by CMS ecm7
experimental/ 33983 (10 years ago) by fvlankvelt: WICKETEXTJS-39: basic functionality (build up ext components) seems to work Still needs more thorough testing.
hippo-cms6/ 34584 (10 years ago) by abogaart: HREP-295: Bump version
hippo-cms7/ 34581 (10 years ago) by mnour: CMS7-6155: [BACPORT - 2.22.07] - Can't access Permissions overview after giving a group with a space in it permissions - Backported revision 34569 from trunk - Use the ISO9075 utility class from JCR to encode group names before being used in queries
hippo-components/ 34417 (10 years ago) by jbloemendal: CMS7-6095: root javascript element xss get transformed into head script xss Add test to validate explicit allowed javascript as child of the body element is not getting cleaned.
hippo-demos/ 34571 (10 years ago) by mnour: CMS7-6037: Update the year in copyright notice for CMS branch (2.22.xx) - Updated
hippo-documentation/ 31445 (10 years ago) by rkauffman: PRODDOCS-96: Changed layout of addons page and forge links on frontpage
hippo-jcr/ 33618 (10 years ago) by adouma: JCR-52: Provide a JCR Repository Service which allow 'binding' hippo-jcr-console to a separate JCR Repository in another web application - dropping no longer user/needed jr-repository-servlet module as its features have been merged into the repository-service module
hippo-training-autoexport/ 34177 (10 years ago) by bleunis: AUTOEXPORT-26 add initial content
hippo-training-skeleton/ 32547 (10 years ago) by aschrijvers: SKELETON-44 remove defaulthostname for better training purposes
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