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attic/ 23722 (11 years ago) by bvdschans: INFRA-185: Move
ecm/ 25400 (11 years ago) by adouma: HREPTWO-4739: final step of restructure hippo-ecm and hst2 svn: dropping the now obsolete svn folders
experimental/ 25323 (11 years ago) by fvlankvelt: WICKETEXTJS-2: prepare for next development iteration
file-import-service/ 8908 (14 years ago) by boudekerk: FIS-2: Added -nofirststartwizard
hippo-cms/ 24795 (11 years ago) by boudekerk: CMSSIX-284: replace nl.hippo.servermanager.util.SpringJdbcWorkflowStore with SpringMySqlWorkflowStore
hippo-cms7/ 25674 (11 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: HREPTWO-4805 Make nodetypes restriction in the picker also available when searching inside a picker
hippo-cocoon/ 15242 (13 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: HIPCO-85 bumb version after release
hippo-cocoon-extensions/ 25235 (11 years ago) by aschrijvers: HIPCFILTER-10 bump version
hippo-collab/ 23538 (11 years ago) by rwatler: CCPOC-7: tune recently updated DataTable column widths to support ScrollingDataTable
hippo-components/ 25484 (11 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: HTMLCLEANER-34:prepare for next development iteration
hippo-demos/ 25640 (11 years ago) by nduvvuri: HGGI-11 Changes for the content of Event to show latest Event on homepage products overview & news detail pages error fix for copyright image goto plugin changed to 8080
hippo-documentation/ 25677 (11 years ago) by epriyadi: PRODDOCS-58: copy for tag Release-HSTTWODOCS-v1_01_24
hippo-fortress/ 9181 (14 years ago) by bvdschans: HEF-2: test
hippo-jmsbridge/ 9678 (14 years ago) by bvanhalderen: JMSBRIDGE-20: release, actual build release was already of 2007-11-16.
hippo-portal/ 23334 (11 years ago) by adouma: PORTAL-36: adding notice to about new Hippo Portal 2 version
hippo-repository/ 22107 (12 years ago) by bvdschans: HREP-289: Bumb version
hippo-repository-java-adapter/ 21231 (12 years ago) by dvandiepen: WCL-63 Release version v2.11.04
hippo-site-skeleton/ 21118 (12 years ago) by bvdschans: SKELETON-32: test for subversion 1.6.6
hippo-site-toolkit/ 21237 (12 years ago) by dvandiepen: HST-182 Release version v1.02.07
hippo-tools/ 23713 (11 years ago) by bvdschans: INFRA-185: Move
hippo-workflows/ 22511 (12 years ago) by jjoachimsthal: WFREVACT-38 bumb version
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